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Some See Students. We See Leaders.






Pink Politics Academy

An innovative and unique leadership program designed for highly motivated, intellectually curious young women who are interested in social issues and creating positive change as a future civic leader.

ShePower Business Leadership  Summer Intensive Program

ShePower Business Leadership expose our young women to the business world through our experiential learning model, fostering the development of business literacy and leadership skills necessary to be more successful in school, in life and as a business owner.

Personal Development Program

It's not enough to celebrate “she power” without providing examples of ShePOWER. We can’t tell girls they can change the world without equipping them to take on the task. If we encourage young girls to dream big, we must provide direction and skills to help them develop that personal reality. If girls are going to succeed in their life and career goals, they must be provided with guidance, training and resources. Our personal development program is dedicated to preparing our girls for their own unique kind of success.

Mentor Program

ShePOWER is aware that a supportive adult invites the greatness out of a youth.  When women donate their time or money to mentor and foster the potential of a motivated girl, we all feel good about her potential achievement. When one of the girls in ShePOWER ‘makes it,' it’s not just a success for her, it’s a success for all women.

Research shows that mentoring helps at-risk youth.

27% are less likely to begin using alcohol

37% are less likely to skip class

46% are less likely to begin using illegal drugs

52% are less likely to skip school

More confident in their school work performance

Get along better with their families  - Source: Public/Private Ventures (P/PV)

Youth Partnership Program

ShePower Leadership Academy partners with Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Athletic Programs as well as most Youth-Serving organizations across the nation to provide  school aged students (grades 6th-12th) a high-impact leadership, personal development and mentorship experience.


We believe that creating a positive school culture begins with teaching your students self-leadership and integrity, so that they can be a positive influence on their peers. The leadership and life skills our programs teach will impact your young lady now and into the future.

Partner with us today!

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