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Gen Alpha - 8yrs - 17yrs

Gen Z - 18yrs - 26yrs


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Course Overview:

Welcome to ShePower Culinary Program! This comprehensive culinary program is designed to empower women with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the exciting world of culinary arts. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring chef, this program will take you on a culinary journey, providing hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and industry insights.

Course Structure

Module 1: Foundations of Culinary Arts

  • Overview of the culinary industry

  • Kitchen safety and essential techniques

  • Introduction to basic tools and equipment

Module 2: Mastering Cooking Techniques

  • Knife skills and fundamental cutting techniques

  • Cooking methods: boiling, steaming, sautéing

  • Understanding flavors, seasonings, and basic sauce preparation

Module 3: Baking and Pastry Essentials

  • Baking fundamentals: measuring, mixing, and baking

  • Bread making and pastry techniques

  • Cake decorating and basic pastry artistry

Module 4: International Flavors and Techniques

  • Exploring global cuisines and ingredients

  • Cooking techniques from various cultures

  • Adapting and creating international dishes

Module 5: Culinary Entrepreneurship

  • Basics of culinary business and entrepreneurship

  • Menu planning and creating a culinary brand

  • Marketing and branding for culinary professionals    

Chef Ora E

Award Winning Chef 
Chef Ora E.

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