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Empowering young women to lead with confidence

Empowering Young Women to Lead with Confidence


Gen Alpha - 8yrs - 17yrs

Gen Z - 18yrs - 26yrs

ShePower Leadership Academy is exclusive for girls leadership development.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment and development of girls and women, with an emphasis on nurturing leadership skills in various spheres. We do this through multiple channels, opportunities, and partnerships.

Mentoring ShePower provides mentorship programs connecting young girls with experienced leaders who guide them, offer advice, and serve as role models. Our mentoring relationships help build confidence and provide girls with a clearer vision of their potential paths to success.

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Personal Development ShePower includes personal development workshops and seminars focusing on self-awareness, self-esteem, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and other soft skills essential for effective leadership.


Diversifying Leadership ShePower actively work to increase the representation of women in leadership roles across various sectors, including those where women are traditionally underrepresented. This involves advocacy, scholarship programs, and partnerships with organizations committed to gender diversity.

Workforce Development ShePower provides training and resources to help young women advance in their paths of passion. The academy various sessions to prepare young women for school, community, or the workforce.

Civic Leadership Development ShePower encourage women to take on leadership roles within their communities, through programs on community organizing, public speaking, and understanding governmental processes. This empowers young women to become agents of change in their localities.

Business Leadership Development ShePower offers interested leaders in entrepreneurship or corporate leadership, business education, networking opportunities, startup incubation access, and insights into navigating the business world.

Across these areas, the underlying goal of the ShePower Leadership Academy is to create a supportive environment where young women and girls are encouraged to pursue their ambitions, develop their capabilities, and take on leadership roles. ShePower accomplishes its goals through continued partnership to maximize its impact.

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