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personal development

Personal Development sessions empowers girls to step into their own unique personal power, by teaching them strategies and techniques to take responsibility for the results which are showing up in their world as they live, learn and lead with the Power of One.

investing in our girls


Learn the Power of One. You are more than enough to create lasting change for women and girls.

Develop goal-setting skills, identify learning preferences, and build confidence, resilience and perseverance in ability to succeed.

Foster healthy relationships that contribute to feelings of self-worth and provide approaches to navigate teen-dating and prevent sexual harassment and gender bias.

Build skills in anger management, perspective-taking, and problem-solving strategies.

Learn fashion and wardrobe skills to convey your  message about self-power.

Recognize the relationship between education, careers and lifestyle.


The ShePower Power Circle, is a trusted circle to discuss real, relevant issues and explore topics to empower our girls to support and celebrate each other while owning her power. The POWER CIRCLE build our girls to lead.

Women will run the 21st Century. This is going to be the women’s century and young girls are going to be its leaders.


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