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Arleana waller

Founder, Visionary, CEO

Shepower global

ShePower has always been a part of my mission and purpose, it was called Rich Girl the first decade.  I started ShePower with one mission in mind, to empower women and girls to own her power without apology, to collaborate and reach 1,000,000 women and girls globally. 


Coming from a family of 13 children, same mom and dad, with 10 being girls, we learned early how to own our power and to support women. Our best lessons were taught by our parents, our dad who had a 6th grade education became the first African American millionaire contractor in Bakersfield, California and was responsible for enriching so many lives. Our mom, had the voice of a lion, but spoke as silent as a dove. She had so much to offer the world, but rarely spoke outside of the church walls, where she empowered and healed many women.  They encouraged us early to use our voice and be a voice for the voiceless and strength for the weak and to open doors for the underserved to have equality and equity.  Helping is a natural progression. I have worked with women and teens in multiple capacities for over thirty years. and the ShePower Foundation is about giving them tools to live, learn and lead.

I really started focusing on teens after an invite to speak to a group of young girls, the light came on and I knew I needed to extend my reach to intentionally include our girls, our future leaders.  When I started working with teens, I didn't know little girls suffered so much in silence and did not self select for leadership roles! Having the opportunity to mentor young girls and hear first hand their struggles, I knew I had to use my platform for POWERFUL change.  So, I gave birth to ShePower Leadership Academy, a nonprofit corporation to do just that, build lasting change, Power girls up, teach them how to network, build key relationships,  how to be a civic leader or business owner,while building her confidence and personal brand at an early age.


ShePower Leadership Academy was born out of passion and love for building women and girls up and helping them present the best version of themselves to the world.


I pray you will partner with me, as we change the world, one young lady at a time.


It takes all of us to reach our Girls! #ShePOWER

Meet She Team

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Ora Frink

Executive Leader

Kaitlynn Garrison

Executive Leader

Audrey Johnson, MPA

Executive Leader

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Monique Davis

JamieLynn Cota


Allison Oliver-Brandt

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